Making Mother’s Day Memories

We’ve been thinking about some ways to make special Mother’s Day memories this year whilst staying safe at home. So if you're wondering how to spend the day on Sunday, here are some ideas for you!
  • Hannah Bradford
  • March 12, 2021

This time last year Mothering Sunday was somewhat overshadowed by the small matter of a global pandemic, leaving us locked down and bewildered in our homes instead of enjoying a nice Sunday lunch out with the family. Heck, some of us didn’t even get a card since popping to M&S for last-minute Mother’s Day treats didn’t constitute an essential shop.

This year, we’re in lockdown again. But now, with a year of staying at home with the kids under our belts, we won’t let this pandemic put a dampener on Mother’s Day again. We’ve been thinking about some ways to make special Mother’s Day memories whilst staying safe at home. So if you're wondering how to spend the day on Sunday, here are some ideas for you!

Take A Family Photo

All this time at home together gives you the perfect opportunity to set-up a family photoshoot. We don’t mean a formal portrait with everyone gathered around Father’s favourite armchair in their Sunday best (unless that’s what you’d like to do of course). The best family photoshoots don’t need to involve crying babies and toddlers bribed into standing still for the camera. The best family photos are likely to be those that capture your family’s most natural moments. So set your camera on self-time, and do what you normally do! 

We love using props in our DockATot photoshoots. Our tent of dreams makes a beautiful backdrop for family snaps for instance and colourful balloons are a simple way to add some interest to a photo. Sometimes even just lying on the floor next to your baby in their dock can make the most beautiful image.

Another great way to capture some beautiful family photos is to set-up a game. Something, that will have the whole family smiling and laughing (Jenga is a good one that babies, children and adults all react well to). Then use a self-timer or camera remote (if you have one) to take some candid shots of everyone enjoying the game together.

Go Handmade

Ask any mum and she will tell you that she’d rather have a handmade card from her kids than shop bought. It doesn’t take much, but that little bit of thought and care goes a long way. Your baby’s paint-smeared handprints, your preschooler’s scribbles, a first hand-written message from your 5yr old - these are so, so precious. Dads and partners, all it takes is 20 minutes to help your kids make a handmade card and the memories will last a lifetime.

If the kids don’t want to play ball or aren’t feeling inspired to make a card, here’s a card-making hack for you. Keep hold of your little one’s ‘art’ and upcycle it into a card by cutting their drawing into a heart shape and sticking it onto a blank card. So easy, but so much more special than a shop-bought card.

Send Mum on A Treasure Hunt

Make your daily walk more of an event by turning it into a treasure hunt for Mum. This works especially well with preschoolers and older children who will enjoy coming-up with and hiding clues or making a map to show ‘x marks the spot’.

The treasure could be a gift, a handmade card, or even lead back to your house where a special treat (like a nice bath and a glass of bubbly) awaits for mum.

Whilst you’ll all be making special memories as you enjoy the treasure hunt together, this one also has the added benefit of giving mum some peace and quiet whilst the kids are busy hiding the clues.

Have A Party

A wise person once said, “A mother is only ever as happy as her unhappiest child”. Meaning, if your kids are happy, you’re happy! So make Mother’s Day fun for the kids too - it’s a celebration after all. Throw together a party buffet - it doesn’t need to be complicated or involve hours of baking, just a few treats the kids wouldn’t normally have. Turn the music up, switch-on some disco lights, maybe crack out some glow-sticks, and have a dance party.

The best way to make special Mother’s Day memories with your kids is surely just to have a good time with them!

Mums, Put Yourself On Furlough For The Day

Throughout the last year we’ve heard many mums joking about how they’d like to be furloughed from childcare duties and household chores. Obviously being a mum isn’t a paid role, so that’s not going to happen! But perhaps, just for one day, mum could have the day off. Your partner could take the kids out for a couple of hours, older children can help out with chores. The thoughtfulness and care behind giving mum a rest is likely to create more special Mother’s Day memories than any bunch of flowers or box of chocolates could (although we’d take those too, thanks).

And mums, if no one gives you the day off, just take it. Put the TV on, relax rules on kids’ screen time, feed them freezer meals. Enjoy a bath, read a book, take some ‘me time’. One day won’t hurt. And you deserve to have a break.

Enjoy making some Mother’s Day Memories together

We hope you find these ideas helpful and that they’ve inspired you to enjoy Mother’s Day this year, whatever you get up to. If you’re looking for more tips about making this Sunday feel special, take a look at the results of our survey, where we asked real mums what they wanted for Mother’s Day. Quick spoiler: most of their answers didn’t involve spending money on gifts!

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